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Real life skills

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Octan School Student

Weekly, 1 hour real life projects fuels innovative thinking and challenge 8 to 12 years olds to collaborate in complex environments.

Collaborate with New Friends

Every week, you’ll meet with your cohort over video. Your facilitator will teach you a concept and break you into groups. You and your team will then work together to solve the challenges to win.

Holistic Real Life Skills

Carefully selected projects develop real life skills with simulations of problem solving challenges an entreprenuer, designer, investor and other professions face everyday

You are a Winner

its a tough program and every team that wins deserves to be rewarded. Win some amazing cool prizes like a programmable robot, drone or exciting gadgets

Your teacher Christina is 2019 Best teacher of the year award winner and a head teacher of a Sydney Private school in northern shores. She loves playing tennis, is fluent in Italian and Spanish and loves taking her dog Natania for long walks.

The skills to invent the future aren't taught in school

Individual Child Plan

Unlike Schools we have a personalised focus, with each cohort limited to just 9 students. They are put in groups of 3 with a leadership coach

Real life project

Complete a real-life project that you are passionate about while solving business constraints with your team

4 Pillars of Leadership

You will build a strong foundation in 4 pillars of leadership - Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Colloboration

Weekly Reports

You will receive weekly report of your development including what areas you can develop further, and how we are planning to reach your goals

What Parents Say About This Program?

We've found this program very helpful. Unline regular tutions it builds the core skills like problem solving and critical thinking, which the child can apply in schools subjects, sports, even at home. It is very "hands-off" for the parent which I like and I think my son does too. My son is engaged because it is very collaborative style with other kids and has very interesting real world challenges to conquer. His team even won a programmable robot!

Alena Huffman

Our Story

Santos Jose

Co-founder & Chief Learner

Are you satisfied with the Industrial Age factory-like schooling system for your child?

When I look at how my child is schooled, I can’t help but think that she is being conditioned to follow pre-defined rules and norms rather than critically think, reflect and challenge what we take for granted. She is essentially being turned into a rule-following robot.

We are committed to solving this for our children. To do so, we brought together a team of Australia’s best and highly awarded teachers, academics and technologists to develop this program – designed to develop leaders for the exponential age.

My child is part of this program, and I can see an immense improvement in her leadership skills. Join me in this journey and see the benefits for yourself.

Holistic development. With fun, learning and challenges.

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our sessions. 

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